When life hands you a story…read the good chapters and bad

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He believed he was born to rule the world. Fuelled by his passion and determination he climbed rung after rung without falling, without fear. It was the perfect life…till it wasn’t.

And then he fell, and he fell hard. Tragically, he lost his beloved brother and idol – his best friend. Suddenly there was this deep emptiness threatening to engulf him. He took to reckless behaviour and spiralled into an all-consuming depression. Dropped out of a top-ranking university in the US and attempted to resurrect his life into a semblance of normality, with the pieces left over.

The months turned into seasons. The frowns turned into smiles and tears turned into laughter. He was healing. The ladder was all but forgotten as he settled into mundane mediocrity, oblivious of his efforts in swimming to the surface from the unfathomable depths of misery.

And then…he chanced upon the ladder again. It seemed higher, and further than he remembered. Humbled and cautious, he started climbing again. No goal in mind save the first rung.

4 years after his life was turned upside down, he went back to the starting line. Finished his degree and went home with a new dream for the next rung – to introduce his hometown to lip-smacking, finger-licking burritos. It was a roaring success till it wasn’t. The revenues started dipping as the doubts started creeping in. He could feel the now-familiar darkness tugging at him, pulling him in.

But he had come too far to let himself go down that road again. Instead, he decided to arm himself with professional knowledge and went all-in to make it a reality. He was rewarded with more than he bargained for.

A year later he graduated with an MBA degree from the world’s leading university. The fates were finally smiling on him. He could see the next rung on the ladder again and reach for it. It was higher than he remembered…again!! Undaunted this time, he jumped through even more hoops and managed to cling onto the step. Progress was painfully slow, but steady. Nothing could stop him now. Or could it?

He was well-equipped with theory and experience, a business plan, potential investors and restored confidence. With a renewed thirst for success he worked hard to make his dream a reality. But, no matter how hard he worked he couldn’t seem to get his company off the ground. His demons started rising again. His grief. His lack of confidence. His ‘unsuccesses’. The ladder in front of him morphed into an insurmountable mountain.

It was his spirit that saved him – yet again. He refused to give in to the ever growing darkness pushing him to the point of no return. He completely overhauled his product and turned his business model around.

Today, 12 years later, he has climbed a few more rungs on his now topsy turvy ladder. He has learnt to keep his balance on it and navigate his way around the constantly reshaping nemesis.

Today, he is CEO & Founder of a funded Fintech startup valued at more than £1,000,000, with a team of 5, and 600% growth in users. Today, he is living his dream, exactly as he imagined it in another life. Today, he believes he was born to rule the world, again.

Today, the story doesn’t end..but a new chapter begins.

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