When life hands you a fork in the road…


Along life’s way we might chance upon a fork. One is the road we can see for miles ahead, in all its glory amid the green fields and gently rolling slopes. It’s the road we have been walking along for the last hundred miles. A road we can call our own.

The other exudes the mysterious splendour of a road less-travelled as it bends and turns. It offers the promise of happiness untold, albeit at the cost of something we hold dear. It offers the promise and not the reward itself, yet we feel it will take us closer to what we seek. 

A choice must be made. Which would we choose? Stable comfort over challenges unknown? The familiar over the unfamiliar? Maybe you measure the gains from each and compare? Or perhaps, we could try and figure out all that will be lost if we change course or not?

The last option is a personal favourite, hence the elaboration. So, there are two questions to answer. What would we lose if we don’t change course? What would we lose if we do change course? Therein lies the solution. 

One set of those losses will weigh heavier on our minds than the other set. It comprises stuff we hold closest to our hearts [in tangible or intangible form]. So all we have to do is follow our hearts and trust it will turn out right in the end.

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