When life hands us a gift…


Some days, when we lumber along with unsuspecting noses to the weekly grindstone; we may stumble upon a rare moment of pure bliss. These moments are characterised by an uplifting warmth, feelings of contentment and an abundance of happiness. They are also known for their decelerating frequency as one advances in years.

These occasions are those that allow us to put aside the masks we wear and exist freely with naked faces, confident in our imperfections. They may last for days [when we are new to life] or a few minutes [when the ability to marvel declines]. No matter how long they last, their effect is delightfully liberating.

Triggers may include sounds or fragrances that spark refreshing memories, instantly transporting us to a time of unadulterated happiness. Perhaps, all it needs is some light-hearted banter with friends who have seen the best in us and the worst, and everything in between. Or maybe something as simple as a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter day.

Whatever form it takes, when life hands us a gift…it comes wrapped in joy. All that’s left to do is have fun while it lasts!

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