When life hands you a pen…write a poem



My dearest, an ode to thee

Oceans apart, hearts entwined

Deep in love, thus we be.

Two souls we walk together

As the hourglass turns,

Through many a weather.

The fiery breeze that rustles the green,Β 

The stars, they wink with a twinkling sheen,

Moonlit heavens sheath the night

In a melodious cloak of silvery white.

In lonesome hours, I hug me tight

Memories stir, my heart takes flight

Yearn for you, your tingling kiss,

You make me laugh, your grin I miss.

Cocooned in your warmth, I long to be

In a world of magical dreams

In its time that day will dawn

Alas tonight… it’s just my pen and me.

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